IHD - the Proof

The fun never ends with the IHD - if you don't know about my adventures with the Iphone Homeless Dude, you can read about him here, here, and here

But my friends, I'm about to bring your experience with the IHD full circle.  Prepare yourselves because here he is in living color!

IHD morning routine: charging his Iphone and accessories

See his system?! See the cable? See the black bag?  It's holding all of his electronics and hidden behind it is the power strip!  Homelessness has become a whole new animal.  Nothing like the lady with gold teeth and two sad children begging on the Croisette yesterday.  She was happy when I gave her three juice boxes and you better believe she doesn't have an Iphone.


  1. Does his unemployment check take care of his electronic needs or is la Carte Vitale going to come out with la Carte Vitale Loisirs and cover everything lest our fellow Frenchmen have to actually pay for something in this lifetime...(Oooo, can you hear the bitterness?)

  2. I hear you loud and clear Sunny! La Carte Vitale Loisirs! HAHAHA LOVE. IT.


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