American Fridays with Gertrude and Alice

Oh la la, I did it again - I had an American Friday at Starbucks.  Only this time, I got all intellectual and stuff.  I blame the new lunettes.

It was a rainy day in Paris yesterday - the perfect kind of day for a hot mug of something and a good book...

Despite my best efforts at reading an actual book, I was over this one before I even finished my latte (in a for-here mug I must point out! - so eco, that Cannes Cannes).  Gertrude Stein tries to make the book read how Alice B. Toklas actually spoke.  I just have to say right here and now, I could never have been friends with Alice! The woman can't finish a thought to save her life. 

I contemplated leaving the book in Starbucks, but then didn't want a good samaritan to come running after me with "the book I forgot".  As I walked around Les Halles later that day, I couldn't help but look around for spots to "donate" my book.  Then I thought that might be considered littering and thought better of it...

The book is now with me here in my mini-appartement taking up precious space, which in all honesty, makes me even more irritated at Gertrude. Not only did I have to lug a book I'll never read around Les Halles, but now Ms Stein's writing is using up part of my 28.85 meters squared.  Merde. 

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  1. You so make me laugh out loud!! Still loving the mental image of the good samaritan running after you! At least you can always count on the lattes ; )


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